2016 Qualifying Rates

New Mexico High Risk Pool Qualifying Rates 

Note to ALL individuals using the information on this page:

Qualifying Rates are NOT the same as Monthly Premiums and should NOT be used when making a payment to the Pool's administrator Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico.  The information below explains what the Qualifying Rates are and how they are determined by the Pool's actuary.

Please refer to the Monthly Premiums button below to locate your monthly premium when making a payment to Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico. The Pool determines appropriate rates through a review of the average rates charged by major New Mexico health insurers for individual health coverage.

This average rate is called the "Qualifying Rate" and the Pool's actuary updates this rate twice a year in order to reflect changes in the market, often referred to as "trend." As a result, the Pool's rates will increase when market rates go up.

New Mexico law also stipulates that the Pool's rates must be set at a certain percentage level above this Qualifying rate. This difference is referred to as the "multiplier."

Qualifying Rates

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